Message from the president

"Guest Pleasure" This is the philosophy of our company.


The concept, space and story are incorporated in the interior design, service and cuisine everywhere, we will express in our restaurants. We try to represent "Undaily Life" and we will make our guests enjoy, this is our company philosophy "Guest Pleasure". We named our company "Diamond Dining" with all wish that we want to be shining uncut stone all the time. And we are not buried in hundreds of thousands other crowd company in the food service industry. We give the top priority that we want to get the smile of our guest. As for this our company philosophy is "Guest Pleasure". Only we make our guest satisfaction, we consider that is insufficient. We serve delicious dishes with key word of "Relief, Safety and Health". We will be linked to impression and pleasure over the satisfaction by background of the concept, space and story that represent "Undaily Life".
We hope to feel the guest impression and pleasure time to their hearts content, and we will go on pursing "Guest Pleasure".

Company Principal

Guest Pleasure

Always we will go on try to create the restaurant that concept, space and story are incorporated in the interior design, service and cuisine everywhere with excitement and throb.

The Restaurant Style Create No. 1

We make novel concept without as usual restaurants. We stock dozens of concepts and ideas all the time. And also we organized special project team (Team Fantasy) of the best member in our company, and we develop our restaurants according to location.

3 Promise & Authority Transfer

We transfer all of authorities to our restaurants, they keep their promise the following 3 conditions what "Make enjoy our guests", "Don't miss the concept", "Take reasonable profit based on the budget". We can do promptly management accepted the situation, and we can make innovative menu, and also we can hold down the disposal of food and beverages, because each restaurants are supplied food and beverages, and decided their menu by themselves.

Company Strategy

Like "Toy Box" company, We challenge to create No.1 Restaurant Style.

Concept Portfolio

Always we will go on try to create the restaurant with excitement and throb like "Toy Box". The restaurant with surprise, this is the stage of Diamond Dining.

Multi Concept (Independence Restaurant Principle) Strategy

We carry out original multi concept (independence restaurant principle) strategy, and we are able to open the restaurant with "1 restaurant 1 concept". We create various style of restaurant for geographical condition at each place in Japan, and we make good use another company's restaurants to purchase for low cost.


Company Profile

Company Name Diamond Dining, Co. Ltd.
Head Office Landic 2nd Building 2F, 3-7-1 Nishi-Shimbashi Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
Tel 03-6860-3250 (Main)
Directors Representative Director, President Atsuhisa Matsumura
Executive Managing Director Yuji Nagasawa
Executive Managing Director Yoshiyuki Yakushiji
Executive Managing Director Masaru Kubota
Managing Director Hiroki Hareyama
Managing Director Katsumi Abe
Regular Corporate Auditors Takao Ide
Corporate Auditors Tetsuo Saito
Corporate Auditors Tadashi Kimura
Date of Establishment 1996.03
Registered Capital \502,010,000 (As of 2011.02.28)
Number of Employees Consolidated 2,752 (Regular employee 495, Temporary Employee 2,257)
Parent Company 1,668 (Regular employee 371, Temporary Employee 1,297)
(As of 2011.02.28)
Main Business Activities Management of restaurant
Planning & running of restaurant
Management consulting of restaurant
Major Banks The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Co.
Resona Bank, Ltd.